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The Brownie Brushes Salon Platinum

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Brownie is a firm believer in the power of healthy hair. As a international educator for Design Essential , And a Colorist. Brownie has traveled and taught all over the country teaching how to properly color ethnic hair. Discover all that the right color placements , haircut and Healthy hair can do for you at the Brownie Brushes Salon. Owner "Brownie" Sims creates a memorable salon experience for clients who want to protect the investment they make in their appearances. Come in and let "Brownie" turn your hair "From Nothing, to Something, to Something Great".
Salon or Stylist/Technician or Cosmetology School
6035 San Pablo, Oakland, California, 97804
Facility Type
  • Urban/Trendy
  • Family Friendly
  • Children Only
  • Multi-Cultural
Salon Hours
Mon 7:30am-6pm Wed 7:30am-1pm Thur 7:30am-7pm Fri 7:30am-8pm
  • All Over Color
  • Blow Out
  • Children's Hair
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Formal Updo
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Gloss Treatment
  • Highlighting/Low
  • Permanent Straightening
  • Permanent Waves
  • Scalps Treatments
  • Styling
Number of Staff
Payment Methods
  • Cash
  • Check
Reviews (19)
byJoyce Guy, March 24, 2014
Ok after going though something with my health ans several style by the way braid styles only to loose my hair. I had to come back to the superstar. Not only did you understand me, my health and hair loss issues. she gave me a style once again that is so beautiful I dont know what to do. I am truly Blessed to have her in my hair and life.
byebonee breedlove, November 12, 2012
In Dec 2010 I told Brownie that I wanted my hair back to the thickness it was when I was 7 and showed her a picture. My hair was cut up to my ears at the time and all of the perm was finally out. November 2012 My hair is now 100% natural, thick, and below my shoulder blades. Brownie once told me that there is no need to cut your hair if it is healthy. Well I have found that to be true. Brownie is the only person that I allow in my head. Love you Brownie
bynan, October 27, 2012
byDioma Burks, February 19, 2012
Brownie has been doing my hair for over 15 years and has brought me back from many hair disasters. I call her my Edward Scissorhands. I love brownie and her work, she is very straight on the condition of your hair and what can be accomplished.
byMysti K Denard, December 1, 2009
I was one that doubted Brownie's ability.....well no more. My daughter has been going to her for the past 2 years and Brownie not only tamed her wooly head but it is the healthiest it's ever been. Brownie definitely has a PhD in hair care. Thanks Brownie for being not only Janai's beautician but a really good friend.
byjoyc m Guy, October 19, 2009
Brownie took me from a ok looking person to a CUTE GIRL. not only does she do my hair so that I am to hot for myself, but she has taught alot about hair. I now can question people when they try and tell me what they can do with my hair. She is worth EVERY DOLLAR AND THEN SOME. Most of all she is my good FRIEND i LOVE YOU BROWNIE
byMyrna Anderson, July 1, 2009
Absolutely love the new system! It is easy and extremely professional.
byTeonna Burrell, May 28, 2009
All i have to say is that Brownie is the BOMB she is an excellent stylist, I have been going to Brownie for over a year now and love it I get compliments all the time, She has your hair so healthy and shiny , she uses the best of products for your hair I can truly say she is a hair Dr. she always makes sure you are dinking water
byE. Onoh, May 10, 2009
I like that Brownie first does a consultation to assess what's going on with your hair, then when you return to get your hair done, she has created a tailor-made treatment just for you! I got a flatiron and my hair literally looks relaxed! Plus, Brownie's styling skills are on POINT - I got so many compliments that day and the body and shine are still there days later - now that's MAJOR. I'm hooked, thanks Brownie!
byChrissy, February 1, 2009
I went to elementary school with Brownie and she began taking care of my hair then. Brownie gave me my 1st color (you know the burgandy at the tips that was popular a few years ago). I got in a lot of trouble with my dad but a ton of compliments from everyone. Thirty something years later I still go to Brownie. When she moved away no one else was allowed to cut or style my hair so I was relieved when she moved back. I always appreciate that I do not have to tell Brownie how I want my hair styled. She knows what I like and even when I want a change. I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. Not only is she a stylist but she is an educator. You will always be informed of HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR on a daily basis. I always refer people to Brownie because she is the BEST!!! Thank You Brownie because I don't tell you enough I appreciate your expertise. Love Ya
p.s and I am drinking lots of water:)-
byKamji Ansley, January 25, 2009
Brownie has done a fabulous job with my hair, she totally believes in good hair care, but is also fashion forward. People do not believe that i have a press and curl, and are beyond impressed with the health of my hair with my blond highlights.
byMichon, December 25, 2008
I was referred to Brownie by my Sister-in-law, who has been going to her forever. I am just so very grateful that my sister-in-law made me an appointment with her. With my job I travel all over the U.S. and it is very hard to find someone who is very passionate about healthy hair and teaching and educating her clients about their hair. From my two visits with Brownie, she has
gave me constructive criticism about my hair. I am just so excited that I now have a stylist that I can call on for advice....Thank-you Brownie and God Bless!
bySonia, December 1, 2008
I've been going to Brownie for 10+ years!! I love her, her creativity and natural God-given talent for hair care. She's a beautiful person both inside and out. Brownie can tell you anything you want to know about hair and hair care because she has the knowledge to back up her gift. Thanks so much Brownie for being such a blessing to me and my you!! Peace and blessings!(o:
byEBONEE BREEDLOVE, November 27, 2008
What keeps me coming back to Brownie since I was referred to her is the fact that for brownie it's not about the money it's all about your hair and what's best for it. She knows when you don't take care of your hair no matter how hard you try to hide it. I love her and I won't go anywhere else. She just has to promise to outlive me so I can keep my hair tight.
byMelvina, November 25, 2008
All I can say to the viewers is.........SATISFACTION GARENTEED!!!!!!!!
byMichell, November 21, 2008
The salon is the place to be. If you want fabulous then this is the salon for you. When you want the best the you have found it right here at the Brownie Brushes.
byAngela perry, November 20, 2008
Brownie is the best there is. Hair is what she lives and breathes. You can ask brownie anything about hair no matter what texture or problem your facing she can answer it without hesitation. Oh and by the way I have been with brownie since she started over 20 years ago. You will have the most beautiful and healthy hair in town hands down. Do not just read about her go and see her in action. Love ya girl.
byAdrienne, November 20, 2008
Brownie's been doing my hair since I was 16 years old. I thought I was so cute with my crimp curls at the top and down in the back. I thought I was slick by going to someone closer to me in the city and my hair ended up falling out. Needless to say I was back in a flash. I have a press and color too and wouldn't have it any other way. Did I say she was the best colorist in the Bay as well? If your looking for someone who is into hair care, press and curl, weave and any hair style you want...Brownie is your girl. But leave the drama at the door cause we don't tolerate that in the shop. B you're the best!
byBrenda Tatum, November 19, 2008
Best Dam Hair Solon in the East Bay !!!!!
If you dont know you better ask somebody !!!!

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